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A lawyer, a doctor, two railroad execs, and a meat market owner form a company in in Two Harbors, Minn. In October3M implemented a major realignment of its research and development operations. Imation was purchased by a hedge fund in and ceased to exist as an independent business.

3M SuccessStory

Bush joined in Imation shortly sold its imaging and photographic film businesses to largely to Kodak in order to concentrate on storage. Shareholders, too, had little to complain about, for marked the 18th consecutive year of increased dividends.

And no one had noticed the problem. A new factory is built in St. He took the helm of a ship being buffeted by economic recession and stiff price competition: Drew followed up that invention by developing an even bigger hit for the company: Transparent Scotch tape, now a generic commodity, provided a major windfall during the Great Depression, helping 3M to grow at a time when most businesses struggled to break even.

It also hired the inventor as its first full-time researcher. Drew toiled on the problem for two years. Early in the company finally adopted its nickname as its formal moniker, officially becoming 3M Company. But upon hearing that his mother was ill, he refused the job offer and prepared to go home--only to learn that his mother had recovered.

The passage of time can render information stale. Upper management agreed, and thinking McKnight perfect for the job, named him general manager in The restoration plan was based on an analysis of the company property and surrounding lands.

It took two years, but the 3m company history and development division invented a successful masking tape--the first in a line of pressure-sensitive tapes that now extends to more than varieties. Or are they signs of deeper trouble? Give people the room they need.

Its daunting inventory of some 50, products runs the gamut from Post-it Notes and Scotch tape to transdermal patches of nitroglycerin and a prescription cream for treating genital warts. Environmental Protection Agency began investigating perfluorinated chemicals after receiving data on the global distribution and toxicity of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid PFOS.

This unsettling discovery by whom or when is unclear was never disclosed in the company records and, for whatever reason, did not deter the owners from establishing a sandpaper factory in Duluth, another more or less ill-fated scheme that placed the company further in jeopardy 3M faced a host of abrasives competitors in the East and was soon forced to import a garnet inferior to that owned by domestic manufacturers, which resulted in a lower quality product.

See Article History Alternative Title: Inwhen President McKnight became chairman of the board with A. In3M dismantled the Information, Imaging and Electronics sector, which accounted for a fifth of its business. In a salesman in an auto body painting shop noticed that the process used to paint cars in two tones worked poorly.

The divisions responsible for making floppy disks and other data-storage media are spun off into an independent firm called Imation Corporation; audio- and videotape operations are shuttered. By entering the External Site, you further acknowledge and agree that the disclaimer of warranties and limitations of liability set out in this disclaimer shall apply regardless of the causes, circumstances or form of action giving rise to the loss, damage, claim or liability, even if such loss, damage, claim or liability is based upon breach of contract including, without limitation, a claim of fundamental breach or breach of a fundamental termtort including, without limitation, negligencestrict liability or any other legal or equitable theory, and even if 3M and Virtua are advised of the possibility of the loss, damage, claim or liability.The company that started out by making masking tape has now successfully completed years of business.

3M is constantly innovating on new products. The company has a whole is dedicated to constant innovation.

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Shortly after the Century of Innovation began, 3M introduced Wetordry sandpaper, shown in the background, giving the company its first entry into. 3M Co. 3M Co.

is a technology company, which manufactures industrial, safety and consumer products. The company operates its business through the following segments: Industrial, Safety & Graphics.

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View daily, weekly or monthly format back to when 3M Company stock was issued. 3M Company: 3M Company, diversified American corporation manufacturing a wide range of products, including abrasives, adhesive tape and related products, and consumer-electronics components.

It is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company was incorporated as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. About 3M At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. 3M History. Our Leadership. Brand. Awards.

3M Company

Careers. Plant Locations. At 3M, we believe that what the company stands for is just as important as what we sell. We are proud to have built a century-old tradition of operating with uncompromising honesty and.

3m company history
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