A critique of breaking the code a play by hugh whitemore

Meanwhile, at OLT, Toohey — despite being trapped in an inadequate production — is taking possession of this character with confidence.

Breaking the Code: Show-stopping performance by the code breaker

As a lover of biopics and true stories it was screaming at me. Katie Buller and Shaun Toohey. There were moments throughout the play when all the cast shone. But Breaking The Code was crucial in making the public aware of this forgotten genius who was so vital in helping the Allies win the war and also of the personal tragedy that led to his death — possibly by suicide — in Here, Toohey came through with an intellectual fervour that was infectious.

This work was adapted as a TV film in A Theatre Rhinoceros Production.

Breaking the Code: A Personal Triumph for Actor Shaun Toohey.

May 9, Photo: So I purchased it, read it, was enthralled by it, pitched it to the membership, gathered a talented, enthusiastic cast with a hard-working, committed crew and here we are a year down the line with it in production!

Pat Green, as Nancy Drew, a colleague at Bletchley Park showed us their complicated if platonic relationship. The portrayals seem underdeveloped. An Italian-American family rallies around a Communist longshoreman who is preparing to commit suicide due to the housing slump.

But in post war Britain he had the misfortune to fall victim to cruel narrow-minded stuffiness and homophobia and was convicted of gross indecency which led ultimately to him taking his own life.

He originally wrote it as a high-wire acting opportunity for Derek Jacobi who created the role of Turing on the London stage; Jacobi, seizing his advantage, came through with a bravura display that brought down the house at every performance.

Since his work was classified top secret for years after the war, no one knew how much was owed to him when he was put on trial for breaking another code - the taboo against homosexuality. Jon Wai-keung Lowe; Costumes: This honest and compassionate drama is both intellectually and physically challenging for Director Alan Ward but despite the obvious space restrictions, the staging adapted to portray 8 different locations and the talented cast coped well with the scientific demands of this biographical piece.

Turing was the mathematical genius whose work at Bletchley Park was credited by Churchill as the greatest single contribution to the Allied victory in the Second World War. Breaking The Code and Magnificence Theatre reviews: The set and lighting added to my enjoyment of the play, as lighting tubes in different permutations were raised and lowered to denote the various settings.

He won an Emmy Award for each. The subject matter retains its fascination. But Jacobi was also part of a beautifully executed production that helped him immeasurably in such moments. At Ottawa Little Theatre this month, actor Shaun Toohey is delivering a sterling performance as Turing, bringing both insight and credibility to the elusive character of a back-room boffin who helped shorten the war through his pioneering work in computer science and code-breaking but who in another compartment of his life was a sad and lonely man in search of affection.

As Turing, Daniel Rigby gives a performance of great depth and distinction. On opening night, Toohey fared much better post-intermission when we see Turing communicating his scientific enthusiasms to a school gathering.

Alan Mathison Turing was a ground-breaking mathematical biologist and his Turing machine led to the development of the computer. A predicament he was finally unable to bear. Making his debut with Bench Theatre he was in character from the outset - awkward, anti social and with a nervous stammer, yet passionate in his delivery of analogies, ciphers, codes and scientific problems, keenly explaining that the brain is like grey porridge and a fir cone mimics the Fibonacci sequence of numbering!

Recent projects include Fighting Mac! Colin Johnson; Photos by David Wilson. Then through his own naivety, he incriminated himself to the police who chose to prosecute him for his sexuality, which was illegal at the time.

Breaking the Code

Hugh White more born is an English playwright and screenwriter. Lara Rempel; Sound Design: Photo by David Wilson. However, on this occasion it has been a completely new approach.

Marion, my wife and incredibly efficient stage manager, encouraged me to seek out and direct a play I had never been in, seen or read. Playing on a pared-down set - three tables set on three levels - the play looks a treat.Play: Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore Performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and directed by Robert Hastie Breaking the Code was first staged in and 30 years later, the Royal Exchange has chosen to revive it.

Hugh Whitemore, Breaking the Code The English Theatre Frankfurt Teacher`s Support Pack 7 a homosexual but would have married him anyway, and who reveals that Dillwyn. Nov 06,  · Now it pays theatrical tribute with this revival of Hugh Whitemore’s biographical drama Breaking The Code.

Turing was the mathematical genius whose work at Bletchley Park was credited by 4/5. Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore is a gripping biographical drama about homosexual scientist Alan Turing, the eccentric genius who fought on two fronts.

Turing played a major role in winning the World War II, and he also battled with. Alan Turing: The Enigma formed the basis of Hugh Whitemore's stage play Breaking the Code, which was adapted by for Television inwith Derek Jacobi as Turing.

The book was later made into the film The Imitation Game directed by Morten Tyldum, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing. Hugh Whitemore’s classic play intertwines an account of Turing's most heroic hour with the story of his betrayal and neglect by the nation he had helped in its darkest hour - 28 Oct - 19 Nov 16 - killarney10mile.com

A critique of breaking the code a play by hugh whitemore
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