A good language learner

Good language learners take into account the demands that second language learning imposes. They have good techniques to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Do you find it easier to learn facts or to learn concepts?

Lessons from Good Language Learners

At that time my intentions were to return to Taiwan and renew acquaintances with Chinese and Taiwanese friends. When doing this, he will ask A good language learner speaking partner to repeat the sentence or rephrase it, so that another educated guess can be made.

To help you think in English, carry on a dialogue with yourself in English when walking along, sitting on a bus, or taking a break from other studies. Good language learners pay attention to meaning. I know of very few students who can use the present perfect tense correctly in their speech by just memorizing the rule for its construction.

If you find something difficult, you ask yourself why and try to find ways to do better next time. Good language learners are independent. Motivation to Communicate My experience of living in Taiwan for one year during the late s motivated me greatly to continue my study of Chinese Mandarin after I left the Navy.

This was a learning experience and I never made a mistake again when asking for papaya in Taiwanese. On the basis of this, a large-scale study was performed at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OISE which investigated 34 language learners with good learning habits.

They are not afraid of making mistakes because they know that with every mistake, they gain a small victory toward improving their language.

This study found a list of six different strategies, which were similar to those proposed by Rubin and Stern: They know that learning a language means learning the culture as well.

Ten Characteristics of the Good Language Learner

But probably the most important piece of advice can be summarized in one word: Then you can read the notes in these pages and compare what you do with the advice given there.

Good language learners develop the second language as a separate system. It has to do with their attitude and the way they approach their learning.

What Good Language Learners Do

Yes, learning a foreign language can be difficult for a lot of people, and it does take a long time to complete.

Just as in learning your native language, you learn a second language by trial and error. Good language learners are willing to face the fear of making mistakes.

These are just a few of the questions that help you discover how you best learn. An excellent way to reflect on your learning is to keep a language journal in which you write about your daily experiences in learning English. Good language learners work through their feelings of frustration and their lack of confidence.

Improving their English meant that my students could interact better with their customers and hence improve their businesses. How did they do it and what is the secret to their success?

Good language learner studies

Source Learning a Foreign Language Anybody tackling a new foreign language for the first time would like being successful. Uninhibited The good language learner is uninhibited. Good language learners develop an awareness of language as both system and communication. Willing to Make and Learn From Mistakes If a language learner is uninhibited, he or she will be willing to make mistakes and learn from mistakes.

Mobile How to be a good language learner The pages on this subsite contain many suggestions on how to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Good language learners try to understand the language as a system.

Many people start out with good intentions, but then for various reasons give up their study of a second language. Do you prefer to get new information in pictures or words? On the other hand, many people have mastered foreign languages and become quite fluent in them.

They make guesses and ask people to correct them if they are wrong. The baseball player is taking extra batting and fielding practice to become better. While I was teaching EFL in Taiwan in the s, almost all of my students engaged in import and export trade were extremely motivated to learn.

What makes a good language learner? Write what you know about: A Good Language Learner.

Perhaps you have a learning strategy that is very successful for you but is not suggested in the notes. It may not be easy at first, but thinking in English is worth cultivating as a vital skill that will improve all areas of your language learning.

I should have said "bakgoe" which is the correct word.Good language learners recognize and learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Here good listening and self-awareness come into play. You can’t correct mistakes you don’t know you’re making, so good language learners pay attention and adjust accordingly.

the good language learner strategies are similar to good teacher strategies. Even if your learners never actively learn any of these strategies you can still encourage the use of them within your classroom. Part 2 - C Characteristics of good learners - 3 - Good language learners are like good detectives I am like a detective.

I look for clues A O S R N. May 26,  · The good language learner realizes that a second language can't be learned by only memorizing grammar rules from a book. Language is primarily intended to communicate meaning and not only be grammatically killarney10mile.coms: The Good Language Learner addresses key problems for teachers about the strategies that successful learners use, the attitudes they show to the language they are learning, the nature of their most successful experiences and similar killarney10mile.coms: 1.

Good language learners have a good attitude toward the culture where the language is spoken. They know that learning a language means learning the culture as well. They learn the customs of nonverbal behavior and the important values of the culture.

A good language learner
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