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I can afford a few dollars. These poor beggars are well versed in the art of singing religious songs. One obvious reason for this evil is illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. But by dispensing alms as charity, we do not help them. Some beggars are so young and strong they do not justify charity at all.

They instantly draw the attention of the people. However, those who deserve to be helped should be properly assisted.

At times they are brutally crippled, made lame, blind etc. These get more alms as their miserable plight arouses sympathy. I questioned him about the efficacy of blindly handing out money on the streets to people claiming to be victims. They poison our desire to do what is kind and good.

But another reason is that begging has become quite a paying profession. The able-bodied can work and earn their livelihood, but if they did not get work initially, now they do not want to work.

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He can be seen everywhere in metros, cities, towns and villages. Generally, women have sympathetic attitude for them. Spielvogel"Poverty was a highly visible problem in the eighteenth century, both in cities and in the countryside Similar laws were adopted by many developing countries such as India.

They have hair and have pot and stick in their hands.

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These beggars are well acquainted with human psychology and beg according to the inner way of thinking of the people. The modern Indian people will not be won over by any religious sentiment. They suffer while their oppressors reap the benefits. They even indulge in many criminal activities.

He asked for a dollar to buy something to eat. In India[ edit ] A street beggar in India gets into a car Beggary is an age old social phenomenon in India.

These beggars never miss religious gatherings and festivals. Many evil practices have come into existence because of it. Others are most certainly helpless victims now at the tail end of a succession of personal misfortunes.

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Street beggars are a common sight in big cities. They are blot on humanity. The number of beggars in India is increasing.

Moreover, will the cash handout go towards food or be used to buy drugs or alcohol, usually the two vices that created homelessness in the first place?

People often believe that beggars are not destitute and instead call them professional beggars. They are a blot on humanity.

Kids are kidnapped and sold to be trained and used for begging. There are quite are quite a few who take to begging because of it. A beggar in Uppsala, Sweden, in Begging is justified in case of crippled, incapacitated and handicapped beggars.

The penes was somebody with a job, only not enough to make a living, while the ptochos depended on others entirely.Essay/Speech on street beggars and learn write an Eassy about street beggars.

Jun 27,  · Street beggars are common sight in big cities. Clad in rags, shivering with cold, they can be seen everywhere begging in the name of God.

Obvious reasons for the evil are illiteracy, poverty and *** WoNdEr***. Free sample essay on Street Beggars for kids. Street beggars are a common sight in big cities. Clad in rags, shivering with cold, they can be seen everywhere begging in the name of God.

Obvious reasons for this evil are illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. There are quite a few who take to begging because of [ ].

Beggars are commonly found in India. They are seen in every town, city and village in India. Essay on Beggars in India. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 11, By Anurag Roy.

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Short Essay on Birds; Life of Street Hawkers in India; Short Essay on Life of a Farmer. Short and long Essay on Street Beggars in Pakistan in which all facts and reasons of this problem of Pakistan.

From children women men kids are involve in begging. Street beggars are seen everywhere in our country. 1 find them begging at railway stations, bus stops, temp in streets, bazaars and at traffic-signals. Some street beggars are very clever.

They make.

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