Cold chain prospects in india

The agriculture and food processing sectors in India have been developing and today India is a net exporter of food grains. However, lack of proper and adequate food storage, processing and cold chain logistics remains a serious challenge. It comprises planning and implementation of single processes and process steps as well as implementation of instruments and methods of process monitoring and control.

If we were to believe the predictions, cold storage capacity in India is expected to grow at 13 percent per annum on a sustained basis for the next four years with the organised market growing at a faster pace of 20 percent. Fresh foods, like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy, require an uninterrupted cold chain due to their perishable nature.

As a business opportunity therefore, this sector presents immense prospects for existing players to cash on the emerging opportunities as well as new entrepreneurs to develop new solutions… India is one of the largest producers of agricultural products and one of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical sector.

Frequent power cuts are a major factor of concern in India. Addressing the Challenges The importance of developing a robust cold chain has caught the attention of the policy makers.

Technical standards followed in India are mostly unsuitable for Indian conditions, which results in lower performance of standard refrigerated systems. Now to deepen the analysis on the growth prospects of the industry, the report discusses opportunities existing in the country for the sector.

Thus, modern cold chains are designed to start right from the farms. The market potential of the cold chain sector in India is captured, in the report, by analyzing the demand and supply situation of cold chains in India.

In India, the supply chain of most products is long and fragmented. Both the segments require technical and quality standards to ensure longer shelf life and selling value of products — and are important for the growth of cold chain management solutions.

This surely is a good initiative taken up by the government.

There has also been steady growth in the fish and meat industries due to export potential. Moving forward, the report analyzes the attractiveness of the sector by evaluating the status of porters 5 forces prevalent in the sector.

The Indian government is taking steps to improve the cold chain infrastructure, by recognizing the cold chain industry as a sub-sector of infrastructure in the previous Union Budget and creating an additional Budget to construct new cold storage facilities. In a practical way cold chain management often means temperature monitoring at each step within the production, storage and transportation chain on inner- and inter-operation levels.

The exact structure of each cold chain varies significantly depending on product and customer requirements; however, the underlying objective of an efficient cold chain system is to safely transport temperature-sensitive products in such a way that it minimises wastage, maintains the quality and characteristics of the product and limits external or internal contamination.

In terms of incremental growth of refrigerated warehouse capacity also, India has demonstrated a very high growth as compared to other countries. In such a supply chain, the produce is maintained in a controlled climate environment from the stage of harvest till the point of purchase read retail stores.

This means pre-cooling is essential for the products getting loaded and also loading and unloading have to be done in the correct sequence to minimise the heat gain during the operations.

Indian Cold Chain Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Amongst the core identified development areas are the base infrastructure, environmentally-friendly technologies, standards and protocols, enabling policies and specialized skills. The chain needs to start at the farm level — post harvest, pre-cooling, etc. Indian cold chain sector has bright future ahead of itself with the much revered governmental support and changing consumer dynamics.The report, "Indian Cold Chain Industry Outlook ", portrays the current and future scenario of cold chain industry in India.

The report highlights the Indian standing in the global context of this industry, followed by the Indian industry trends. India’s Cold Chain Industry Page 3 of 7 The U.S. Commercial Service – Your Global Business Partner.

-USA -TRADE management practices. Therefore, India offers market potential for cold chain logistic solution prov iders, including refrigerated transport serv ices. A cold chain is a climate-controlled supply chain, consisting of storage and distribution activities which maintains a product at a given ambient.

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Cold Chain market in India will grow at a CAGR of percent over the period Covered in this Report.

This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the. India's integrated cold chain industry India’s cold chain sector is a combination of surface storage and refrigerated transport. The industry has been growing at a CAGR of 20% for the last three years.

The cold chain market in India is anticipated to reach Rs billion (US$13 billion) byaccording to estimates. A presentation prepared on the developement of Cold Chains in India and future recommendations for sustainability Cold-chain Market prospects in India Pawanexh Kohli.

Market Research Report: Cold chain market in india - .

Cold chain prospects in india
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