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It is normal that different cultures have different kinds of rules when having conversations, just like there are different rules in opposing sports. For the kindergarten through 1st-grade crowd, you may want to use drawings of faces depicting happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, worry, laughter, crying, and so on.

If using the balloon, you can write these talking points in circles or section the balloon similar to the vertical sections on a hot air balloon.

While one player serves the ball or starts the conversation, the other person has time to prepare his opinion of what the other person has said.

Aim This activity is aimed at improving communication skills for all participants by providing the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences using a low-key and informal approach.

Activity Objectives Students will be able to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with their classmates. Safety Considerations This is a slow-moving activity that can be done seated in chairs or in a circle; however, remind students that they should not lunge or grab at the ball or balloon because everyone will get a chance.

Students will be able to recognize that we all experience life around us differently. Students will be able to demonstrate that communicating with one another can enhance their personal health. When a person gets angry, the conversation ends abruptly.

Therefore, she says it is important to become excited while having a conversation and avoid anger. She also identifies behaviors that propose alterations in the purpose of having conversations.

Throughout the text, Sakamoto uses sports analogies to portray the difference between Western and Japanese conversation. You may also want to encourage students to ask other students questions in an effort to get to know them better.

For example, if a student catches the ball, he or she answers the question on the ball or balloon; you may then allow another student to ask a secondary question to prompt more communication.

When someone catches it, he or she looks at the closest panel and reacts to the question or prompt. A large beach ball that is not fully inflated is easily handled and slow-moving.

Most beach balls are separated by sections, often differentiated by color; taking advantage of this design, you can write simple talking points on each section.

Tips and Variations You can make this more interesting by using music and playing it like hot potato. A large inflated balloon is slower still, but for obvious reasons is less forgiving. There is no reason to move desks, chairs, or equipment as long as students can throw and catch a beach ball or large balloon where they are seated or stationed.

This will alleviate anxiety regarding reading ability with younger participants. From where they are in the room, students toss, hit, or pass the ball or balloon around the room. You can inflate the beach ball or balloon beforehand; deciding which to use depends on the ability of your least-skilled participant.

She explains that a conversation is just like playing a game of tennis. Conversational Ballgames, takes a different view on what a conversation should truly be about. I am most happy when.

However, the next time they receive the ball they must participate. The above excerpt is from: If the same person gets the ball or balloon twice, he or she passes it to the nearest person so that he or she gets a turn.

I agree with Sakamoto because I have also witnessed changes in conversations such as Spanish. Have a second balloon prepared in the event of a breakage. This is like becoming angry in a game of tennis.

This answer can be simple or you may ask them to expand on the answer depending on the time allotted for the activity.

Beach Ball Conversation

In the beginning of the text, Sakamoto describes how challenging it was to teach her Japanese students how to carry a conversation in English.Start studying Conversational Ballgames. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Conversational Ballgames. After I was married and had lived in Japan for a while, my Japanese If I introduce a topic, a conversational ball, I expect you to hit it back.

If you Following are lists of words associated with various games. hoop. Some of those words and phrases are listed below. Conversational Ballgames An EXPOSITORY ESSAY is a short piece of nonfiction that explains, defines, or interprets ideas, events, or processes.

The way in which the information is organized and presented depends on the specific topic of the essay. Conversational Ballgames Essay Conversational Ball Games In the following reading, Nancy Masterson Sakamoto explains the difference between Japanese and American conversational styles.

Born in the United States, Sakamoto has. Apr 04,  · Conversational Spanish Spanish useful phrases. Samoa Bowl Volley Ball Games - Duration: Samoa News 6, views.

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Conversational ball games essay help
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