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That Alfredo needs to choose between choosing Julia and choosing Esperanza. He never knew until he realizes that the magic is gone. That was less than four years ago. The way in which he chose to deal with his internal change was to consider the way in which the society will view the people involved.

Had the final word been said? The girl had grace, distinction. The underlying theme is responsibility, as shown by the story that Alfredo is engaged to be married to Esperanza and the people expect him to get married with her. So he had avidly seized on the shadow of Love and deluded himself for a long while in the way of humanity from time immemorial.

Theirs was undoubtedly a love that was true. Then it is foolish to ask whether one will or will not, because it no longer depends on him.

I think they are oftener cool than warm. In the story, dead stars symbolize a dream for something that is nonexistent. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

At his touch, the girl turned her face away, but he heard her voice say very low, "Good-bye. Nor was it love in its strictest definition. Esperanza had wanted to know if he went straight home after mass. Esperanza was beautiful, elegant, reserved, and distinctly not average type of a woman.

Was love a combination of circumstances, or sheer native capacity of soul? The very fact that an engagement has been allowed to prolong itself argues a certain placidity of temperament--or of affection--on the part of either, or both.

Alfredo Salazar is a lawyer and the main character in the story. Like what Alfredo Salazar did. It is a story about a game of love. English-language films It serves as a literary time machine for readers as it enables them to understand how courtship, marriage and fidelity were viewed through the early standards.

Good, because everyone around us might be affected on every decision we make, and we should care about their feelings about the situation. At a pause he drawled out to fill in the gap: It made her seem less detached, less unrelated, yet withal more distant, as if that background claimed her and excluded him.

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Along the still densely shadowed streets the young women with their rear guard of males loitered and, maybe, took the longest way home.

He has fallen for Julia Salas, the sister-in-law of the judge whom his father had a meeting with. No revelation there; simply the old voice--cool, almost detached from personality, flexible and vibrant, suggesting potentialities of song.

Critical Paper for Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez

Then he realized he was in love with Julia in spite his engagement with Esperanza. It blew the hair away from her forehead, and whipped the tucked-up skirt around her straight, slender figure. So he and Esperanza get married and have a family. The setting and date of the story was from a long time ago but we could still relate it somehow in our time today.“Dead Stars” Paz Marquez Benitez Dead Stars is a short story that revolves around the love affairs of Alfredo, Esperanza, and Julia.

Alfredo Salazar, a lawyer, is in a long engagement with Esperanza. Paz Márquez-Benítez () Paz Marquez-Benitez, a Filipina writer born in in Lucena City, Quezon, authored the first Filipino modern English-language short story, Dead Stars, published in the Philippine Herald in DEAD STARS by Paz Marquez Benitez.

Photo courtesy of NASA. THROUGH the open window the air-steeped outdoors passed into his room, quietly enveloping him, stealing into his very thought.

Dead stars is a short story by Paz Marquez Benitez, written in It is a story about a game of love. A game between three lovers trapped in.

Dead Stars-Paz Marquez Benitez

Paz Marquez-Benitez, in her masterpiece Dead Stars, did not only write about a love story. Most importantly, her writing reflects the time in which the literary work was written along with the language, the norms and the way people think.

For those looking for the analysis of Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez, you will find the ones that are online helpful to you not only in realizing things about the story that you didn’t think were possible, but also because it will give you a fresh outlook about the best Philippine short stories and the Philippine epic stories as well.

Dead stars of paz marquez benitez essays
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