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Wild Cat, the principal advisor to Chief Mikanopy throughout his last years, never accepted being under the rule of the Creek Nation" Seminole Nation, That left only about two to three hundred Seminoles in Florida Seminole History, His Essay seminoles, who had lost many of their number by death during the two-month journey, located north of the Canadian River, in present Hughes County.

While free essays can be traced by Turnitin plagiarism detection programour custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. After passage of the Indian Removal Act inthe U. In the end most Seminoles moved to the new territory to the west of where they already were. In the end the United States sent seven thousand troops to force the Cherokees to leave their land.

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But the Seminoles held their own and remained within their territory, countless migrating near where Tampa is located today Seminole Indians, It is believed that the Seminole tribe settled in Florida as far back as 10, BC.

Those removed to Oklahoma were afterward organized into the "Seminole Nation," as one of the so-called Five…. Under these treaties the Indians were to give up their land in exchange for lands to the west and those wishing to remain would become citizens of their home state.

Government between 40 Million Dollars and 60 Million Dollars. For hundreds of years, the Seminole Indians essentially ruled almost all of Florida.

The Cherokee differ from the Seminoles because they used legal means in their attempt to protect their territory where as the Seminoles used war and violence.

Army intimidated the Indians. They normally hunted and fished the plentiful waters off the coast of Florida. This was located south in what is now the western part of Okfuskee and Hughes counties, and adjacent to parts of Seminole County.

The top was eaten by itself. If you need a custom term paper on World History: He was captured and died in prison. The seashell necklaces made the perfect accessory. This prohibited white man from living on the Indian Territory after March 31,without a license form the state of Georgia.The Seminoles practiced different religious beliefs.

The Southern Baptist missionaries introduced Christianity to the Seminole people on the reservations in Oklahoma as early as There were many converts.

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(Seminole Tribe) There were eight Seminole clans. The names of the clans were Bear, Deer, Wind, Big Town, Bird, Snake, Otter, and.

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First Seminole War And Trail Of Tears Notes Essay. First Seminole War During the War of _____ and the Creek Wars, many Indians and _____ escaped to Florida, which was owned by _____.

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They were called the Seminole tribes. After the war, the Treaty of _____ guaranteed that the Indians would get their land back. Seminoles waged war to protect their territory. The Seminoles were aided be the fugitive slaves that found protection among them.

The First Seminole War lasted from to The presence of the fugitives enraged white planters and fueled their desire to defeat the Seminoles.

- The Seminole "As the United States is a nation made up of people from many nations, so the Seminole is a tribe made up of Indians from many tribes." (Garbarino 13) The Seminole are the indigenous people living in southeastern America.

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LOves Ya!Status: Resolved. The Seminole tribe are descendants of the Creek tribe. The Creeks spoke two languages, Muskogee and Miccosukee. Miccosukee is a related tongue of Muskogee. Two groups in the tribe speak those languages. That must get.

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