Jonah and the whale english commentary

Thus, repentance is not, as some allege, a mere sorrow for sin. What have I to do any more with it? Where do you come from?

Nineveh was given forty days to repent. In answer to these interrogatories Jonah makes a full discovery. When a great storm arose, and the inmates of the vessel feared for their very lives, Jonah confessed that he, as a refugee from the Lord, was the cause of the calamity.

He appealed to the narrative as genuine history cf.


The sailors would tell the news. One might almost say that the Lord sent Jonah to school for three days, and the classroom was the belly of a great sea-monster. They give him no hard words, but, "Tell us, we pray thee, what is the matter?

10 Great Lessons from the Book of Jonah

Providence seemed to favour his design, and give him an opportunity to escape. He killed the Messiah, and out of the grave of the Crucified has arisen a power which has changed the lives of myriads all down the ages. The fish swallowed up Jonah, not to devour him, but to protect him.

This he mentions, not only as condemning himself for his folly, in fleeing from the presence of this God, but as designing to bring these mariners from the worship and service of their many gods to the knowledge and obedience of the one only living and true God.

Surely the foregoing points of truth, as gleaned from the delightful book of Jonah, are illustrative of the truth of this rich passage. A command given to Jonah to preach at Nineveh v.

In the constant interchange of thought between those ancient nations, the news might well have reached Nineveh itself [ahead of the prophet].

Yet, as Jonah delivered himself up to be cast into a raging sea that it might be calm, so did our Lord Jesus, when he died that we might live.

Jehovah rules in the kingdoms of men and disposes of them according to his divine standard cf. The tempest prevailed to such a degree that the ship was likely to be broken; the mariners expected no other; that ship so some read itthat and no other. The Punishment of Hell An intriguing passage in the book of Jonah illustrates a vital point about the punishment of the wicked after death.

There is no error here.The story of Jonah and the Whale, one of the oddest accounts in the Bible, opens with God speaking to Jonah, son of Amittai, commanding him to preach repentance to the city of Nineveh.

Jonah and the Whale - Bible Story

Jonah found this order unbearable. Not only was Nineveh known for its wickedness, but it was also the capital of. Jonah The huge fish that swallowed Jonah was not necessarily a whale. Yarns of a sailor surviving Jonah-like in a whale have been widely repeated in recent centuries, but no account has ever been authenticated.

In addition to the evidence that may be deduced for (1) the credibility of a whale swallowing Jonah and (2) the miraculous preparation of the creature by God, a third clarification is in order that pertains to translation.

At last, Jonah turned back to God and prayed. (Jonah uses words that are similar to words in the Psalms. One example is Psalm ) Jonah’s prayer is a prayer of thanks to God, because he saved him from death in the sea.

Jonah and the Whale is largely based upon Christian conversion, and specifically the conversion of a culture or empire which is pre-Christian, suggested in the poem to be barbaric; a culture or force that has got by on instinct alone and suggestively is ignorant of its destructive nature.

This book of Jonah, though it be placed here in the midst of the prophetical books of scripture, is yet rather a history than a prophecy; one line of prediction there is in it, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown; the rest of the book is a narrative of the preface to and the consequences of that the midst of the obscure .

Jonah and the whale english commentary
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