Kip kinkel story

His older sister was quite a bit older than him, and was athletic and smart, Kip kinkel story seemed to succeed at most of what she tried. His parents were talented teachers, and had a nice home in the beautiful country outside of Eugene, Oregon. At sentencing, Kinkel apologized to the court for the murder of his parents and the shooting spree.

There are never any definitive answers as to why any of these young individuals who commit terrible acts of violence did what they did. His doctors later said that Kinkel had told them of hearing voices in his head from the age of 12; he eventually suffered from hallucinations and paranoid delusions — including the belief that the government had implanted a computer chip in his brain.

There are multiple instances throughout their upbringing that can give some insight as to what could have led to the execution of a horrendous violent outbreak. This was extremely stressful on the young mind of Kip, and it added to the already steep pile of stress already upon him.

He had seen Kinkel for nine sessions and treated him for major depression. On January 12,the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court judgment, denying his motion for a new trial. The Kinkel family spent a sabbatical year in Spain when Kip was six, where he attended a Spanish-speaking kindergarten.

When asked about a family trip to Disneylandhe commented that he wanted to "punch Mickey Mouse in the nose". His teachers considered him immature and lacking physical and emotional development.

In state court, Kinkel challenged the validity of the virtual life sentence he was given, citing Miller v. Kip was usually a smaller boy in his class, and never had a lot of friends. Once they moved back to Eugene, Kip continued to struggle in first grade, which led to him being held back.

Thurston High School shooting

Jeffrey Hicks, the only psychologist who had treated Kinkel before the shootings, said that he was in satisfactory mental health. Kinkel reportedly attended in an "unnormal" way, and his family said that he struggled with the curriculum. The youth had Kip kinkel story to great lengths to hide any symptoms due to a fear of being labelled abnormal or mentally retarded.

Kinkel appealed, arguing among other things that he had had ineffective assistance of counsel during the trial proceedings. Kip was the second child in a somewhat ideal family setting with one older sister. Army after graduation to find out what it was like to kill someone. The parents concealed this from psychologists.

His parents were both Spanish teachers. His sister was a gifted student. If there are compounding instances of setbacks and hardships, this could be very detrimental to the development of a young mind. Two psychiatrists testified that Kinkel exhibited signs of paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the shooting.

This learning disability got compounded when his family moved to Spain for a year, which was tough on Kip because he was the only one that spoke English in his class. In NovemberKinkel was sentenced to years in prison without the possibility of parole.

All of these things compounded together to just completely rip away any strand of self confidence that he could of possibly had. Kinkel later said that he wanted to trick the officer into shooting himand that he had wanted to commit suicide after killing his parents but could not bring himself to do so.

Kip Kinkel Story

Tell us what you need to have done now! He has an older sister named Kristin. His father initially discouraged this, but later enrolled him at gun safety courses, buying him a. In federal court he claimed his guilty plea should not have been accepted without a prior mental health evaluation. Kinkel had an interest in firearms and explosives from an early age.

Without any good influences from his friends, and the lack of success that his family expected, Kip was set on a course that would end in disaster. Others characterized him as psychotic or schizoidand as someone who enjoyed listening to shock rock such as Marilyn Manson.

He eventually started hanging out with the rough kids from the country, which did not provide any good influence for him. A lot of the blame can be attributed to the parents parenting style, but it is not the key component, but just one of the many things that acted together to tear apart the psyche of a young, tortured mind.

Kinkel claimed that he felt punished by God for being subjected to these voices, and that it was Voice A who instigated the killing of his father, mother, and the subsequent attack at Thurston High School.

His parents were smart and successful as well, which seemed to put a pressure on kip to be as successful as his family Kip just so happened to be dyslexic, which hurt his ability to learn.

At his sentencing, the defense presented experts on mental health to show that the assailant was mentally ill.FRONTLINE goes behind the headlines of school shootings to tell the in depth story of one high school shooter, Kip Kinkel.

By all accounts, this deeply troubled juvenile killer came from an ideal American family and a good community. This report examines what turned a teenager into a cold blooder killer. Share This Story! Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about.

Facebook Email Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest. 20 years later, a vigil for victims of Kip Kinkel. The Kip Kinkel Story Looking at the trials and tribulations of an average adolescent’s life, there are many times of stress, trouble, and hopefully growth.

If there are compounding instances of setbacks and hardships, this could be. Thurston High shooter Kip Kinkel loses life-sentence appeal.

A man who killed two people and wounded 26 others in a shooting at Thurston High School lost an appeal Thursday seeking to reduce his year sentence. Kip continued to have problems in school with reading and writing, although he excelled in math. Bill and Faith Kinkel asked Kip's third grade teacher to retest him for special education services.

This time he qualified, and a plan. Kip Kinkel Story Social Psychology Dr. Allison The Kip Kinkel Story Looking at the trials and tribulations of an average adolescent’s life, there are many times of stress, trouble, and hopefully growth.

Kip kinkel story
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