Master thesis molecular biology

Paper quality Use 8. Detailed guidelines are given below. The participating groups work on various aspects of immunology, inflammation, pathology, infectiology, virology, bacteriology and parasitology.

After contacting the supervisors, the study administration makes the assignments. Plant Physiology The research groups of this specialisation focus on different aspects of plant nutrition, metabolism, cellular and organism-wide transport processes, as well as on plant development.

Your thesis should have no borders, running headers or punched holes. Alternatively, with the consent of your thesis advisor and your honors advisor, your thesis may be based on literature Master thesis molecular biology. This assignment will also determine the specialisation to be taken by the student.

Pages should be numbered consecutively beginning with the approval page. Research topics include cell cycle and growth regulation, developmental biology, RNA localization, neurodegeneration, gene expression control and epigenetics.

Master's in Molecular Life Sciences

At the beginning of the M Sc thesis, the thesis supervisor and student send a completely filled out and signed form "Form Start of MSc thesis" to the program administration. The corresponding link will be sent to future master students.

If your thesis advisor is also your Honors advisor, a second faculty member must read and approve your thesis.

Master's Thesis in Molecular Biology

These guidelines may also be used for undergraduates writing a senior thesis outside of the Honors Program. You are required to submit a draft of your thesis to your thesis advisor and your Honors advisor by the deadlines established by these advisors.

Format Your thesis must follow the format given below. Figures Electronic images imbedded into the final document are preferred. The research topics include RNA processing and transport, nucleic acid chemistry, ribosome function, mitochondrial biogenesis, membrane biochemistry, structure determination of proteins as well as combinatorial and medicinal chemistry.

At least one draft of the thesis must be given to your thesis advisor and revised prior to final submission. Onionskin and correctable paper are not acceptable. In the first case your thesis should take the form of a masters thesis or a scientific journal research paper.

Thesis Guidelines

Students enrolling in this specialisation perform their master thesis research in one of the plant physiology-oriented groups of the Institute of Plant Sciences, as well as in one group from an outside institution. Printing Use a clear font no smaller than 10 point and no larger than 12 point.The master's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology is structured to provide undergraduates in biology, chemistry or biochemistry with advanced knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Master degree projects in Molecular Biology

and are encouraged to apply this knowledge to an area of specialization during their thesis research. Biology Course Descriptions;. Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Search Catalog. Thesis Research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: 6: or Molecular Recognition in Molecular Biology: LS-MBB Structure And Function Of Proteins: LS-MBB Advanced Experimental Molecular Biology I. Thesis Guidelines A thesis for Distinction in Biology should be a presentation, written primarily for the non-specialist reader, of the significance, results and conclusions of a productive research project.

Senior Thesis Examples Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior thesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes. Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf).

Readings in biochemistry and molecular biology culminating in the submission of the Master's thesis. Topics are chosen by student in consultation with the advisor and an advisory committee.

View all Master Programs in Molecular Sciences in Europe / English This training in the form of master thesis projects in molecular biology provides the necessary knowledge to graduate from the program.

Molecular, and Cell Biology Master’s Degree offers highly specialized cross-disciplinary training in a vast number .

Master thesis molecular biology
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