My new quito

The tape holding my vest together. When midnight struck we all went outside to the street and counted down the final seconds of Kenna and Mark in Seattle. They walked proudly down the burning streets with a look of determination on their faces.

I had to resort to using my compass, maps stored on my iPhone, and asking locals for directions.

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It was mid-morning My new quito the ride was only supposed to take about four hours. So far Quito is an interesting place. Simultaneously fireworks were going off from every direction.

Upon my arrival into the sprawl of the capital city I realized this would be a new years unlike any other. In typical latin tradition the stereo was maxed out, the speakers crackling.

New Years Traditions in Quito

I use quotes because although the food had Mexican names it was clearly not Mexican. Plates of sausage, meat, cheese, garlic bread, and more kept being served to us. All of this means that my time in Ecuador is limited. I considered stopping and waiting for a day or two for the clouds to part, but based on the forecasts it could have been many days.

With that Cheo and every house on his street set the effigies on fire. The sky was clear and the roads looked incredible.

My Favorite Things to Do in Quito, Ecuador’s Capital

I wondered where these people were going. People would cheer and clap. From the rooftop deck we had a great view of the city.

I met up with Diego, and the husband and wife duo; Sandy and Patricio. Luckily I have heated grips and a heated vest. The living room was cleared to make way for the dance floor.

My new favorite in Quito - Zazu

Even before midnight fireworks were going off throughout the city.Seeing New Things. Arriving in Quito felt a bit like coming home.

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Almost two years ago to the day my friend Lex and I landed in Quito, we planned on staying in Ecuador for three days and loved it so much we stayed for three spent a lot of time in Quito, Mindo, Baños, the Galapagos Islands, and Guayaquil. Book your New York (JFK) to Quito (UIO) flight with our Best Price Guarantee.

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My new home in Quito - Mercure Hotel Alameda Quito

Local Business/5(49). My friend Su-Yin and her boyfriend Simon have been living and working in Quito for a year so I rode from Colombia to get there in time to celebrate with them. Upon my arrival into the sprawl of the capital city I realized this would be a new years unlike any other.

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My new quito
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