Nature and significance of development administration

A large number of scholars have thrown light on various aspects of development administration and M. Lee of Singapore adopted a number of reforms and with authoritarian power implemented the reforms that helped the rapid development of Singapore. Normally, administration and planning cannot be separated from each other.

Since development administration is different from non-development administration it is necessary to find out the problems.

We think that the developed administration must be fully conscious of this aspect of development administration. The implication is that a nation should try to depend upon external sources as less as possible. In every Political System administration have significant role.

We humbly say that while discussing administration as a very important factor of development we must take note of all these factors. Within a very short time of freedom these new states felt that arrangements for rapid progress in development sector is to be made and all-out efforts are to be started.

But when the transitional and agricultural states proceed to adopt measures for industrialisation, a good administrative system is seriously felt. Thus development administration is a process of planned change. With changing times, the objective of public administration also underwent a change and by the nineteenth century; an organized approach to public servants and public administration was adopted.

These MNCs are practically controlling the commercial and economic areas of the developing nations who are also called the nation-states. Public administration is "centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programmes as well as the behavior of officials usually non-elected formally responsible for their conduct.

To train the students in developing scientific attitude and objective outlook among them towards all aspects and activities of life.

This menace to economic progress is not confined to the geographical boundary of a nation.

Development Administration: Definition, Concepts and Everything Else

Good education can be provided to students by bringing qualitative improvement in instruction. II and the other nations were, in Riggscan term, more or less prismatic. Riggs was citizen of industrially developed society and while he was analysing the problems of development of prismatic society or transitional society he had a clear picture of development corresponding to his own society.

Subramaniam has said that in the era of development administration. These are planning, organizing, directing, Coordinating and evaluation.

Development Administration: Concept & Features

The advent of this new approach to public administration happened due to many reasons. For several reasons after the Second World War the industrialised states of West expressed their eagerness to help the developing nations in their efforts for rapid development.

For an administration helpful for development a wide infrastructure is necessary. It receives a feedback from the social system and responds to the demands put on it by the system. These pragrammes broadly aim at removal of unemployment, creation of job opportunities and reduction of poverty.

He will proceed step by step and will judge all related issues in his attempt for policy-making. The Third World states are quite reluctant to accept the tutelary mentality of the developed nations of the North.

It is an international issue and is a nightmare to all nations—big or small, developed or undeveloped. Now starting from the ashes or zero and to reach a satisfactory stage of progress is not a very easy task. This question today arises because of the fact that number of developing nations under the indomitable urge to develop are destroying the nature.

In our earlier analysis of policy-making we have pointed out C.

Educational Administration: Meaning, Nature and Other Details

Another picture of the present day world situation is the meteoric rise of the various multinational corporations. In general sense Administration can be defined as the activities of groups co-operating to accomplish common goals. Riggs observed this picture in all prismatic societies.

In other words, the citizens of a developed society are quite aware of what they are getting and what they should get. The receiving states must consider that if the aids are going to damage the prestige or curtail sovereignty.

But the wholehearted support from the top public administration of USA has not arrived in many developing nations. In simple sense Public Administration is state mechanism. Studies have shown that for the proper utilisation of resources a proper public administrative system is to be built up.

What is Development Administration ?

Schumpeter The above quote by Schumpeter can call for a heated debate on its relevance and credence. In the field of development of a prismatic society there is a special role of the government.

That is why the involvement of Panchayati Raj institutions in planning and administration has found renewed support in the development strategy of India.

For effective Development Administration the structure of Administration itself must be empowered, large and capable enough to sustain the pressures by the developmental activities.IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AS AN ACTIVITY • An instrument of social change and economic development: Public administration’s role as a change agent is particularly crucial in developing nations.

9 Development Administration: Meaning, Nature, Scope and Significance development administration. These two concerns are intertwined. Much theorising in comparative public administration has been related to development.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the meaning, nature, objectives, scope and functions of educational administration. Meaning: Educational Administration is regarded as the process of integrating the appropriate human and material resources that are made available and made effective for achieving the.

Nature and Scope of Public Administration. reader approaches the study of public administration with an open mind and without prejudices to appreciate the full nature, role, importance and relevance of the bureaucracy.

Previous Article: What is Development Administration? Administration of Development: Resources are scarce, material or human thus the need to make optimum utilization of available resources and making new means for development gathers importance. So administration of development involves following objectives: Innovation at all levels of planning.

Importance to the development at grassroots level. Aug 31,  · The essence of development administration is to bring about change through integrated, organised and properly directed governmental action. In the recent past the governments in most of the developing nations have shifted their focus on development by means of planned change and people's participation.

With this shift .

Nature and significance of development administration
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