Packaging is a silent salesman

Visual performance in increasingly crowded markets has become vital, arguably even more so than physical product attributes like taste, sound quality or comfort. It took some serious soul searching to move beyond the confines of their product to reveal their heritage in juice based on an unwavering focus on premium produce.

But where advertising can shock or inspire in an immediate way, the effects of package design are subtler. The designers working for the leading brands worldwide create true masterpieces, imbuing these small bottles with soul.

Outdoor signs that promote discounts, special events and new products can effectively increase customer traffic and sales opportunities.

At the same time, some brands have managed to successfully communicate with customers through simplicity. According to Geoffrey Hollows, a consultant at Heawood Research, there are two aspects to packaging: Moving to the e-commerce model means that these factors no longer weigh in, because they simply cease to exist.

A product is the customer service. The particular smell, the lights inside and the dark corners, the exposition of the products, the employees, their clothes etc.

Some packaging designs use ribbons, others a special kind of opening or exposure. They were at the forefront of the craft alcohol movement in London and they had a heritage that other brands could only aspire to. The experience in a store differs a lot from a product sent by mail.

To keep pace with changing tastes and perceptions, packaging has had to move with the times. In order to stand out from the crowd, the designers use plenty of novelties. The owners of the iconic London center claimed that the decision was the biggest investment in the brand since its establishment.

The agency worked with Safeway product developer Manisha Kotercha to introduce greater authenticity to the brand.

The 'Silent Salesman'

Sometimes, all it takes is simplicity. For instance, ensure signs advertising discounts clearly cite how customers receive a discount. And — you probably guessed it — a product is also its packaging. New brands of course have no past brand temperature to take, so their focus can hone in on what that emotion should be.

Shoppers who have environmental concerns may choose a product packaged in recycled materials.

The silent salesman

Most of the luxury brands tend to incorporate minimalism in their designs.“Packaging will always be a point of reference and, as the face of the brand, it is longer lasting than advertising,” believes Pearlfisher’s Ford.

And in the current environment, when advertising spending is falling, the role of packaging as the “silent salesman” is likely to take on greater prominence.

What does your packaging communicate about your company? Here are a few ideas you can try out as you hone and improve your company's 'silent salesman'. THE POWER OF SILENT SALESMAN In the s Louis Cheskin, a marketing psychologist, began to take into account the psychology of packaging design.

What Is a Silent Salesman?

Luxury brands, which moved to online selling touchpoints, are a proof that the customers preferences are changing. E-commerce is constantly growing, with plenty of space for new entrants.

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The product is the biggest salesperson.

Packaging Is A Silent Salesman

A customer SEES the product always and a product in attractive packaging is always a great. That's why, to be effective, a packaging must be adapted to new cultures, different tastes, and new consumption patterns.

In other words, a package that can act as a silent salesman (silent salesman) is very dependent on the understanding of the market.

Packaging is a silent salesman
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