Shortest phd thesis in computer science

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When you receive the Master of Science in Nursing degree at Frontier, you can continue seamlessly into the 17 credit hour companion DNP program Accreditation: Geek in early as a result of my growing enthusiasm and passion for technology.

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Higher Learning Commission Tuition: Imagine nano robots being manufactured in your body to defeat cancer cells. Another issue is that most dissertations are not made from a single, ground breaking contribution, but from several incremental contributions and you need to integrate them into a coherent text.

Doctor of Education Ed. The DNP to PhD is designed for nurses wishing to build on education gained while earning their practice doctorate to develop research skills and competencies.

The more theoretical, the more it can be concise, but in some fields you need a lot of experimental [email protected]: I agree, asking for the shortest PhD thesis would be a way to limit the list, as only answers beating the current leader would be acceptable (and such questions do work on many Stack Exchanges), however things get problematic here as there is the another diffuse criterion of fame (unless one argues that having the shortest PhD.

Ivan Sutherland’s PhD thesis is a landmark paper in computer science and human computer interaction. As part of his thesis, Sutherland created Sketchpad, the world’s first graphical user interface or GUI program.

I believe the shortest PhD thesis is of Burt Totaro "Milnor K-theory is the simplest part of algebraic K-theory", 12 pages. Milnor K-theory is the simplest part of algebraic K-theory, Ph.D. thesis, University of California, Berkeley, ; K-Theory 6 (), Computer science is a fairly established field at this point, so a mediocre thesis likely describes a large number of small improvements upon the status quo - along with charts, graphs, and explanations that compensate for lack of a single revolutionary finding.

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Quora User, What is the shortest PhD thesis in computer science? What is the shortest PhD thesis in Commerce? Ask New Question. Richard Peng, Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology (present).

Hello, the phd thesis in computer science could be short only if it is a programm in its last point.

But when we talk about phd thesis, it simply could not be short because it has a lot of theory and it should be written due to some rules, it should also have some structure and some stated length which is usually about tens of pages.

Shortest phd thesis in computer science
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