The day my goldfish died

How to cite this page Choose cite format: My wife does it all the time. I went to see what it was. Even though goldfish have been consistently depicted in small bowls, it is part of the reason why with short life spans ammonia builds up quickly in such a small space. It was time for my daughter to win her own fish.

Your tank is WAY too small. Like all the other adults. A Quick History of the Goldfish They are one of the earliest fish to be domesticated as pets and are the most common fish kept in an aquarium.

Where is your filter? As I was taking the new goldfish to my room I thought with myself. On special occasions, families would put their gold fish on display in small glass containers.

So you can forget about your old one.

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I knew I should have listened to my mom and only fed it one time a day. I named him right there. So every time I sat next to him, I fed him which was about 6 or 7 times a day. It is like if they find out what the reason was they would feel better. I knew I should have listened to my mom and only fed it one time a day.

I remembered going to the state fair with my parents and begging them for some money to play the same game with the prospect of winning a goldfish. In the afternoon my mom came home and she told me she had a surprise for me. During the Tang Dynasty around ADit was popular to raise carp in ponds and water gardens.

I have only had him for a couple of days. I remember standing there, completely focused on the task at hand — landing my ping pong ball into the fishbowl. Just looking at his dead body. As I picked her up and started to walk towards the exit, a bright light caught my eye. The truth may surprise you.

The fish can get ammonia poisoning from the still water, their own waste, and the stress of being so active in an undersized tank. They are sold as food for other fish so they only need to stay alive long enough to be taken home and put in for the other fish.

Then they choose the not true one. My plan was on track and my daughter was exhausted as we concluded up our second lap. Well, at least now I know that goldfishes have one thing in common.Totally Free The day my goldfish died. Essays, The day my goldfish died.

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The Day My Goldfish Died. Paper

The day my goldfish died was definitely a day like any other day, except my goldfish wasn’t alive any more. He was not moving across his tiny tank. I tried to be real about it.

It was a fish after all.

The Day My Goldfish Died

How long did I think he would live? Certainly not for ever. I knew he wouldn’t live forever in my mind but at my heart I was expecting him to live longer. So far, two of the three goldfish my daughter won are still alive.

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Why Goldfish Die 10 top causes of death For every one of the 10 causes of death listed below, there are perhaps another 10 causes or more, may not know or understand them, and even if we did, we may not be able to do anything about it.

The day my goldfish died
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