The factors that contributed to the russian revolution

They were used to the care of the landlords. When Stalin occupied Lithuania and other countries he also ordered exile of the most successful farmers to Siberia. Many facts like that, actions of Rasputin, war problems and Bolshevik propaganda destroyed the authority of the Tsar in the eyes of people.

Such a tremendous territory needed one ruler to govern it effectively.

He had almost complete control on actions of the Tsar after he healed his son. It is hard to believe it. When Tsar decided to lead the army himself, though he was not a military professional, he was accepted with enthusiasm by soldiers and officers.

What Factors Led to the Russian Revolution?

Did they improve the moral atmosphere in the country? Alexander II tried to do reforms and was murdered. Despite the fact that started reforms he was killed by liberals who hated all authority the very day he signed a reform program permitting representative assembly Russia had partly similar assemblies in XVI century.

So his son Alexander III pursued more conservative policy. And liberals and socialists did not really solve the existing problems, but often increased them. Rasputin influenced Tsar to start a foolish maneuver - to relocate big mass of soldiers to Baranovichi now Belarus.

Though in is an open question what was better for the serfs - liberation or previous condition. When a new prime minister Stolypin tried to find a real solution for the land question, creating a large group of productive farmers who received land.

This title of Tsar Russians dared to reserve only Byzantine Emperor and later to Great Khans of mongols or those of Golden Horde, which were all considered feudal overlords of all Russian dukes and their lands.

Such "experience" of im moral reforms was later used in other countries by communists and liberals in a wide sense. Did they improve economy give land to the peasants and factories for the workers as they promised?

The liberal rearrangements were the dream of some representatives of "intelligentsia" PART of lawyers, doctors, students, etc. Gradually Bolsheviks took the steering wheel of the revolution and started a second revolution in Octoberwhich was financed by Germany and some other states in the West.

Did socialists really care for good of the people? The Socialists did not give it - During there were nearly terrorist murders.

There were many factors that went into the tribulations of the Russian people - poor working treatments for men and women, the lack of civil liberties, supreme monarch rule, and ultimately a poor quality of life.

They started the February revolution in but revolution only brought more chaos, economic misery in the army and society. Did the Russian folk itself need and long for a liberal system?

In the long battle of several weeks - "standing at Ugra river" the Russians managed not to let Mongol-Tartars pass the border river Ugra for the first time. No they established reign of terror where millions were massacred or exiled to Siberia.Thanks for A2A, Quora User: >>Which factors have contributed to success of the October Revolution in Russia?

I’d like to clarify that Octorber Revolution was not against Czar, it was against Provisional Government of Russian Republic (Check Justin. The causes of Russian revolution are much more complicated than they appear in the explanations given by massive culture.

The system of autocratic ruling ("samoderzhavije") in Russia was an organically developed original Russian system for ruling the vast territories of Rus' governed by rapidly.

- BBC debate-podcast on the Causes of the Russian Revolution of March Kirsten's Thesis - good idea Frank E Smitha - narrative account of the February Revolution -. What Was an Outcome of the Russian Revolution of ? A: The most widely documented significant outcome of the Russian Revolution of is the fall of the Russian Empire and the beginning of Marxian socialism u.

PinkMonkey Online Study Guide-World History. Causes of the Russian Revolution. Various factors and forces led to the Russian Revolution of What social and political factors contributed to the Bolshevik revolution? Update Cancel. How did the Bolsheviks impact the Russian revolution?

What are the factors that cause a political revolution to happen? Which factors have contributed to success of the October Revolution in Russia?

The factors that contributed to the russian revolution
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