The important role consumers play in the closing of sweetshops

Many people have no idea that these companies are using sweatshops. The point I want to make here is that even if sweatshop workers are treated unfairly, there are three points to be made in defense of sweatshops.

To promote the act against abusive labour in sweatshops, consumers have to choose between supporting the act or cheap products. Schweizer, Peter and Rochelle.

In many instances, the newly arrived immigrants were glad to have these sweating jobs at any wage, no matter how low.

They need to let the companies know that they can not continue to hide the problem. It is a shame that the children that are working for them do not receive the same benefits. Putting Women in Place. The misuse of factory workers can be publicize though educational programmes, demonstrations, debates, books, rallies and advertisements to educate consumers on the origin of their products.

The human rights groups however are motivated by morality and justice. Uncategorized Should sweatshops around the world be shut down? Though garment and agricultural sweatshops are the most infamous examples, it is important to note that sweatshop conditions can exist in other industries as well.

In countries in South and Central America and Asiasuch companies found a ready labor supply where wage expectations were low and the sweatshop thrived. Coercion constrains options, but as long as workers are free to choose from within their constrained set of options, we can expect them to select those jobs that offer the best prospects of success.

Gifford was shocked when she heard of the sweatshop conditions her company was using. When the demand of sweatshop products drops, sweatshop labour will slowly diminish too. These groups try to capitalize on the knowledge that, if the general public were aware of the conditions in which certain consumer items were produced, they would refrain from buying them.

Secondly, consumers can make known their preferences through comment cards provided in stores, but directly speaking to the chief executives of these stores may have a greater and faster effect.

However, this could both be an advantage or a disadvantage. To suppress the sweatshop age, the first step consumers must take is to not demand for or purchase sweatshop produced products, thus companies would switch to producing sweat-free products only, or simply just checking out which companies are members of ETI.


Mickey, Michael, and Global Sweatshop. They view cheap labor as one of the major assets they can offer to attract investment by multinational companies, which creates jobs and provides capital for development. Recent examples of sweatshop conditions in the garment industry have caused an international outcry by labor leaders, activists, and government officials.

They knew how the negative public announcement would hurt the company, which is the major reason why companies hide the facts from the consumers.

Consumers of all ages can make a difference if they are given the chance. Making matters worse for the workers, there were few if any advocates for improving sweatshop conditions. As the Supreme Ruler of an island, you want the country to prosper. Though most modern sweatshops exist in poorer and developing countries, it is important to note that sweat-shop conditions can exist anywhere there is a vulnerable population, including inside the United States.

Sweatshops and Disney

The increase in red tape would also raise cost due to increase in manpower for inspection and to regulate the entire procedure. Other characteristics of sweatshops included overcrowding, lack of sanitary conditions, no worker breaks or relief, demands to complete a task within a limited period of time, and—as important to the continuance of the sweatshop—a total lack of job security.

And this wage gap is typical of sweatshop jobs relative to other jobs in the domestic economy. The government may also cooperate with non-government organizations in supporting better labour working conditions in factories.

Improved global communications, using such tools as satellite and the Internetmake it easy to disseminate information about the business activities of multinational corporations in developing nations.

Disney licensees go out of their way to bring their company to countries such as Burma, where the practice of child labor is a normal everyday event, and they exploit this to create their product as cheaply as possible. This would somehow explain to the students why the public relations departments would publicly deny any involvement with child labor or sweatshops.

Consulting a monthly State Labor Review shows that the United States is still trying to work against this. Children have a voice and when they are informed of such activities as child labor and sweatshops they can be useful tools.Consumer and Government’s role in sweatshops Consumers’ role Consumers can play an important role in the production of goods, from the quality of products to the workers involved in the line of production.

Consumers can play an important role in closing sweatshops, and they have a right to know what companies are using sweatshops to produce their product there are simple steps consumers can take to help fight against the use of sweatshops. Guide to Ending Sweatshops Choose a Sweat-Free Wardrobe Vote with your dollars to support good, green, sweat-free businesses 5 Ways to Take Action and End Sweatshops Including labels to look for, how to shift your purchasing, how to use your shareholder She also makes it clear that there is a big role for consumers to play in.

Sweatshops make poor people better off. Sam Bowman. July 29, International. not closing down sweatshops and trying to wash our hands altogether, may be the best approach.

Persuading consumers to continue buying things from sweatshops, but to pay a higher price to give those workers a better wage, might be a decent way of essentially.

Consumer Attitudes Toward Sweatshop Labor Fredrica Rudell Iona College Abstract The media play an important role in shining the “spotlight” on sweatshops and child labor (e.g., Schanberg, ), motivating some firms to take steps to curb abuses Attempts to end.

Proposed by Governor John Baldacci of Maine, the Governors' Coalition for Sweatfree Procurement and Workers' Rights will use state government procurement as a catalyst to level the playing field for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has announced that he will participate in a path-breaking governors' initiative to end sweatshop exploitation in apparel and other industries.

The important role consumers play in the closing of sweetshops
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