Write a short essay about the process of identifying minerals

For instance, some iron, cobalt, and nickel ores are attracted by the magnet; some minerals—such as fluor-spar, topaz, carbonate of lead, quartz, and calc spar—become electrified by friction ; others—such as calamine—become so when heated.

Although the number of minerals is very great, the prospector is concerned with only a small proportion of them; but, even so, the number is considerable, and the student must have some convenient way of getting information regarding them.

Titanium Back to Top 4 Class Presentation: There is certain elements, e. Hardness Hardness is determined by scratching the mineral with a mineral or substance of known hardness. Essay Physical and Economic Conditions of Mining: Size of the deposit, depth, amount and location.

Thus, within a period of about four decades, the country emerged as a developing nation. It may be pointed out that there are many discrete families of minerals.

Essay on Minerals: Meaning, Occurrence and Mining

Sulphur, iron pyrites, specular iron, carbon, are examples of the second kind. According to this definition, ice may be considered as a mineral.

I have done this activity for many years with children in gradesand find it to always be challenging and fun!

Square prismatic system has three axes at right angles to one another of which two are of equal length. Essay Occurrence of Minerals: In making this test, any means of getting a clean, fine powder of the mineral may be used; when the mineral is soft enough, this may be done with the point of a knife blade.

Silver ; Team 8: I was no longer a metamorphic rock, I had become pumice, an igneous rock that cools very quickly while flying through the air during a volcanic eruption.

This activity is an excellent way to teach about point of view and personification. A rock is not a chemical compound, but is usually a mixture of variety of minerals. Japan lacks in most of the mineral resources, so she imports minerals from different corners of the world. Occurrence of Minerals 3.

Each team member will present a different part of the study using a coherent and uniform format for viewgraphs. Team work is the most important component of this assignment. Botryoidal - smooth bulbous or globular shapes.

Drusy - small crystals that cover a surface.In this course, you will develop a systematic approach to using the physical properties of minerals as identifying tools.

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If you follow this approach you should be able to identify most of the common minerals, or at the least be able to.

Mineral - Essay/Short Answer study guide by taraternberg includes 6 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and. Minerals We all know that minerals are very important in our everyday lives. Minerals are solid substance that is naturally occurring and there are over 4, known mineral species, but the ones we all have around the house are mostly industrial minerals/5(2).

Short Essay I: Write a two-page essay on the use of minerals, or on the classification of rocks and minerals. Due on Friday, February 1.

January Seminar on web page preparation by Tim Robinson - Web Master, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Process used to Identify Minerals

In the process of discovering the nature of a rock and Identifying Minerals, the mineralogist may derive the necessary information by a careful study of its external appearance and characteristics; the form of crystallization, hardness, specific gravity, colour, streak (the colour when scratched, or when rubbed on a piece of porcelain).

A mineral's habit (its general form) can be especially useful for identifying some minerals. Close observation and perhaps a magnifying glass are all you need for this step in the mineral identification process.

of Cleavage and Fracture. How minerals break is a key clue to their identification. Andrew Alden.

Write a short essay about the process of identifying minerals
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