Write a short note history of computer

Language consist of set of rules and syntaxes to frame the valid instructions to work with the Machines. Make a list of the most important points that you learned 3.

Different viruses are activated in different ways. There are no other truly fundamental aspects of computer programming; everything else we talk about will simply be the details of a particular, usually artificial, mechanism for telling a computer what to do.

What are the differents input devices of a computer?

Computer memory works kind of like your brain. Vacuum tubes are generally about centimeters in length and the large numbers of them required in computers resulted in huge and extremely expensive machines that often broke down as tubes failed.

Transistors were not only smaller, enabling computer size to be reduced, but they were faster, more reliable and consumed less electricity. The IMF was the outcome of Bretton woods conference of For any data access distributed all over world, WWW uses the concept of locators.

Write short note on World Wide Web.

This development again increased computer performance especially reliability and speed whilst reducing computer size and cost. Other Europeans made more calculators after him. Language consist of set of rules and syntaxes to frame the valid instructions to work with the Machines.

Email attachment is a file that is sent along with an email. To help the member countries in receipt and payment. The microcomputer was born. Activation of Virus When the computer virus starts working, it is called the activation of virus.

An added advantage of smaller size is that electrical signals have much shorter distances to travel and so the speed of computers increased.

What is the fifth generation of computers?

Hello, same problem here, trying to solve it. Again, one of the major advantages was size, with computers becoming more powerful and at the same time much smaller and cheaper. The main purpose of IMF were to provide exchange stability, temporary assistance to countries falling short of foreign exchange and take international measure for curing the adverse balance of payment.

New weapons were made for which trajectory tables and other essential data were needed. Fifth generation computer is also known as a.

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But, we are human-beings and not machines. Networks Virus can spread if an infected computer is connected to a network. As you may have guessed, this goal has not yet been fully realised, although significant progress has been made towards various aspects of these goals.

The internet is an example of such network.

Can you write a short note on environment?

The Second Generation Some people argue that this is the first programmable machine. Are the speakers on a computer an input or an output device? The basic principle of his calculator is still used today in water meters and modern-day odometers.

The backup is used if the virus deletes data or modifies it. This part of computer history is called the "history of automated calculation," which is a fancy phrase for "the history of machines that make it easy for me to do this same maths problem over and over without making mistakes.

Firstly, it is not at all really clear what the fourth generation is, or even whether the third generation had finished yet. Similarly, many computer programming mechanisms are quite arbitrary, and were chosen not because of any theoretical motivation but simply because we needed an unambiguous way to say something to a computer.

The history of computers starts out about years ago in Babylonia Mesopotamiaat the birth of the abacusa wooden rack holding two horizontal wires with beads strung on them. Practice your speech by saying it out loud until you know it and are comfortable saying it Characteristics of fifth generation computer?

This situation led to modes of operation enabling the sharing of the high potential available.a brief computer history The computer as we know it today had its beginning with a 19th century English mathematics professor name Charles Babbage.

He designed the Analytical Engine and it was this design that the basic framework of the computers of today are based on.5/5(1).

What is a Computer virus?

The first computer was the abacus. This invention was constructed of wood, two wires, and beads. It was a wooden rack with the two wires strung across it horizontally and the beads were strung across the wires/5(22).

Write Short note on fifth generation of computer? a lots of research is going on for the fifth generation computers. the major shortcoming in the earlier generation was lack of thinking power. the fifth generation computer system project was initiated by japan 's ministry of international trade and industry begin in A Short History of Computers and Computing Robert Mannell One of the earliest machines designed to assist people in calculations was the abacus which is still being used some years after its invention.

“A Computer Virus is a malicious software program “Malware” that can infect a computer by modifying or deleting data files, boot sector of a hard disk drive or causes a software program to work in an unexpected manner”.

Write a short note on a modal of digital computer and its function? Digital Computers A digital computer is designed to process data in numerical form (see digital circuit); its circuits perform directly the mathematical operations of additi on, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Write a short note history of computer
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