Write around the tooncinator

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An incredibly hyper hyena woman that lives a few houses down. Another friend, but you do see her occasionally. For instance, let us assume that we have objects with some property say, a color stored in several containers, some of them of different types.

For example, the following code snippet exposes the nature of the container - a vector. Applications need access to the elements of containers, but they usually do not need to know how elements are stored in containers.

One of your few friends that share a species with you. It can be allocated on the heap It can be copied It can be passed by value It can be assigned to It dereferences to the same type It can visit several containers It can visit containers of different types It can visit containers in arbitrary manners This can be implemented as follows: This leads to her treating you as a toy instead of a person sometimes.

Even better, we can write a generic process function that only takes an iterator range, without assuming that the container has a begin and an end method: Also, we want to factorize the code and reuse general purpose iterator methods when writing more targeted iterators, e. Last but not least, the non-virtual ItrBase:: In general, the iterator may have data members so that it can fulfill its task.

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Itr is simply a wrapper on a pointer to an ItrBase, so that it can be allocated on the heap - the actual implementation of the class deriving from ItrBase can have an arbitrary size. Your next door neighbor, a petite not relative to youcute batgirl.

The guy holds a grudge against humans for some reason. It is more complicated if we want iterators that dereference to the same type of object, but that must visit several containers, possibly of different types, or iterators that visit containers in different manners.

This may require a lot of changes in many files. It can be allocated on the heap It can be copied It can be passed by value It can write around the tooncinator assigned to The essence of an iterator is captured by the following API: Or, if we later decide that a list or a hash set is more appropriate as a container, we need to rewrite the code everywhere we access the vector.

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An iterator is used to visit the elements of a container without exposing how the container is implemented e. The reason ItrBase is not a pure virtual is that it can conveniently be used to denote an empty range, i.

The only other human who lives with the giants. Iterators are central to generic programming because they are an interface between containers and applications. Note how the Itr copy and assignment operators are implemented via the ItrBase:: We would like to visit all the objects, independently of the number of containers and their type, or we would like to visit objects of a given color, or we would like to visit objects that satisfy some predicate: Lives in the house across from you.

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How to write abstract iterators in C++

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Write around the tooncinator
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